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Environmentally friendly repairs!

Why choose Dent Rewind and PDR over a Bodyshop repair?

Traditionally, when a vehicle was damaged, it was taken to a bodyshop to be repaired.  Not knowing and not trained in PDR, bodyshops would roughly knock out dents, sand the paint off the damaged area, (which also removes the protective galvanised coating) fill the area with a plastic filler, prime and paint over the damage and surrounding areas to achieve a colour match.

All fillers and paints contain harmful isocyanates which are released into the atmosphere.  The repairs require masking with paper and plastic sheeting (which is all thrown away after each use) as well as electricity and gas to bake the paint to harden.  So, to carry out a repair at a bodyshop, there is a massive effect on the environment.



Using PDR eliminates the use of all harmful products and as all that is required at the end of a repair is to polish, minimal materials are used and therefore Dent Rewind should be your first call to reduce your carbon footprint!


Give us a call on 01892 523 766 if you need any help or advice.

10yr celebrations

We're delighted to be celebrating our 10th Birthday but we're also left wondering where the last decade has gone!

Since starting out in Southborough just up the road more than 10yrs ago we've helped hundreds of customers save on expensive bodywork repairs with our pointless dent removal services.

The secret of our success is no secret though, we take pride in everything we do, from customer service to repairing your vehicle 'while-you-wait' with a free cup of tea or coffee - our reviews speak for themselves and we enjoy lots of repeat because of it.

Our customers love what we do and trust us to help them restore their car to pristine condition when that dreaded 'silly mistake' happens or a dent appears while they were away.

We'd like to thank all of our customers for your support over the last 10 years - if you need us, you know where to find us and we'll be happy to help.


on behalf of the Dent Rewind team

Headlamp polishing



Many modern cars have plastic outer headlamp lenses.


In time, sunlight (UV), harsh chemicals from car cleaning products and ingrained dirt can cause the plastic to go 'cloudy' and off-colour.


Cloudy headlamp lenses dull the brightness of the headlamp and affect the beam pattern resulting in poor visibility at night. If your, vehicle is affected, it will likely fail its MOT.

Our Solution

Instead of replacing the headlamp unit which will be very costly, we can, using a series of flatting and stages of polishing, bring your headlamps back to life at a fraction of the cost.


Most headlamps take around 1-2 hours to repair so help yourself to a relax and free coffee/tea in our waiting room.


Send us a photo, or call 01892 523 766 for a price.

Performance VW Magazine

All keen car enthusiasts, we were delighted to be featured in Performance VW Magazine - a double page spread too! 

Send us a photo, or call us today on 01892 523 766 for more info.

European Dent Olympics

We had a great time and made some new friends at the European Dent Olympics in Manchester.


The Dent Olympics was held over a weekend at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester and we were amongst top dent technicians from all around the world competing in a 45 minute event to remove uniform dents made around a vehicle.

We certainly had a lot of fun and though we didn't win any prizes this year, we're looking forward to returning again next year to compete in this top industry event.

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