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Experienced paintless dent removal experts

Car Park and Trolley Dent Removal 

We've all been there! You return to the car park to find the last person next to you has opened their door onto yours, left their mark and then driven off, or a runaway trolley has rolled into your car.

Don't worry - minor dings and dents from car parks are generally easy for us to remove.

Minor Bump and Crease Dent Removal 

Whatever the damage - as long as the paint is not broken, we can help.

Why not send us a photo and we'll provide you with a free quote.

Hailstone Damage and Dent Removal 

A nasty hailstorm can leave your car looking like a golf ball!

We are members of the 'World Hail Network' and can remove dents without re-spraying the panel - saving you time and money on bodyshop repairs.


Why not send us a photo?

Windscreen Repair

Chipped windscreens from stone chip damage is a common occurrence, and left un-repaired it can turn into a crack or need replacement. Using the latest technology, we can repair most chips and cracks - act early to avoid big costs!

Send us a photo via email or Whatsapp and we'll provide you with a free quote.

Machine Polishing

Over time, due to UV light damage, car washing and light scuffs, vehicle paintwork can appear dull. Equipped with the latest polishes and polishing equipment, we can help restore your paintwork to give it a new lease of life!

Get in touch today via phone, email or WhatsApp for a free quote.

Headlamp Polishing

Plastic materials used in most headlamps these days are damaged by UV and the harsh chemicals used in car cleaning products. If your headlamps are dull at night, or you've failed an MOT because of them, get in touch today - we can polish your headlamps for a fraction of the cost to replace.

Get in touch today via phone, email or WhatsApp for a free quote.


dent removal, front wing
Ford Focus before repair
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