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Restore your car to pristine, original condition without the lengthy repairs, mismatch of colour and expense of a re-spray
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Send us a photo via email or Whatsapp of your dent or give us a call and we'll send you a free quote today

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Dent removal services from Dent Rewind Ltd Tunbridge Wells

Car Park Dent Removal 

We've all been there! You return to the car park to find the last person next to you has opened their door onto yours, left their mark and then driven off, or a runaway trolley has rolled into your car.

Don't worry - minor dings and dents from car parks are generally easy for us to remove.


Minor Bump and Crease Dent Removal 

Whatever the damage - as long as the paint is not broken, we can help.

Why not send us a photo and we'll provide you with a free quote.


Highly experienced Paintless Dent Removal experts

We've been providing paintless dent removal, car polishing and cracked windscreen repair services in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, since 2007.

Our customers come from London and all across the south east of England because they trust our experience and the quality of our workmanship.


Highly experienced Paintless Dent Removal experts



Environmentally friendly repairs!

Why choose Dent Rewind and PDR over a Bodyshop repair?

Traditionally, when a vehicle was damaged, it was taken to a bodyshop to be repaired.  Not knowing and not trained in PDR, bodyshops would roughly knock out dents, sand the paint off the damaged area, (which also removes the protective galvanised coating) fill the area with a plastic filler, prime and paint over the damage and surrounding areas to achieve a colour match.

All fillers and paints contain harmful isocyanates which are released into the atmosphere.  The repairs require masking with paper and plastic sheeting (which is all thrown away after each use) as well as electricity and gas to bake the paint to harden.  So, to carry out a repair at a bodyshop, there is a massive effect on the environment.

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Time to clean your car?


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Welcome to Dent Rewind

Welcome to Dent Rewind

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All this time spent at home recently not being able to travel out, our cars have either been sat neglected or had DIY home cleans.

We have seen a few cars coming to our workshops with scratching where the car owner has attempted a home clean or children have given a helping hand, unfortunately using the wrong product or gear.

Here are a few tips to help keep your vehicles paintwork in top condition...

~ park out of direct sun if possible or wash when sun is at mild heat

~ rinse vehicle prior to washing

~ use warm water with specific car wash shampoo/wax only

~ wash with soft microfibre pad, NEVER anything abrasive 

~ start at the top and work down the vehicle

~ stubborn marks will require specialist products, research needed

~ dry vehicle with clean a microfibre towel or cloth

If you find any damage while cleaning, we are here to help you.



"I have been using Paul and Josh for the last 3 years on both personal and work vehicles and I can't recommend them enough. They're top guys and their work is amazing"


Thomas - Review from Google

"The best of the best! Clean work with warm service"


Veronica - Review from Google

"What dent... Great customer communication and excellent workmanship"


Doug - Review from Google

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